Consumers have the opportunity to purchase many different products via the internet. While this is convenient, for some products like cosmetics, it is not ideal. This is a personal product, and consumers are not able to enjoy the same experience as they would if they were buying in the traditional manners.

Companies within the beauty industry that send samples can
reap many benefits from this. To begin with, it helps to
overcome a lot of the negative aspects that the digital world has

Direct contact

A beauty sample allows the recipient to feel and touch the product. This is something that many consumers have missed when buying beauty products online. They are not able to feel the texture or consistency. When they attend a brick and mortar store, this is readily available to them.


Beauty care product samples provide multiple levels of interaction.

Interaction with the product

The consumer gets to interact with the sample product. It allows them to test it on themselves. By doing so, they now have first-hand knowledge about the product. If it is a product that applies to colour, the sample has removed the guesswork. This is in regards to determining whether the digital version is a true replica of the actual colour. Digital colours alter with something as simple as the resolution by the device they are using. The sample is giving them the true colour, and the consumer can determine if this meets their needs.

Interaction With Other Consumers

Having a beauty sample means the consumer can actually try the product and can now interact with other users. They don’t have to rely on the opinion of others. They can add their comments based on their experience with the sample. It can allow them to ask additional questions from other users. This benefits the Company providing the sample in numerous ways. One of the most important is that it gets people talking about the brand which can be far more effective than an ad, and the ROI much greater in the long run.

Interaction With The Company

Recipients of samples have the tools to approach the Company directly should they have any additional questions.

They can be more specific because they have had a chance actually to try the product. Traditionally, a sampler user who is dissatisfied with the product uses forums or review sites as an outlet to air complaints. Instead, by using tools provided, they can bring complaints to the attention of the Company directly, giving the Company opportunity to resolve any issues first-hand, often reducing unvalidated complaints about a product.

Support Not Replacement

Beauty samples are not meant to replace digital marketing but instead should enhance it. This form of marketing can be expensive, but it is also necessary. Much of online competition relies heavily on digital marketing, and every Company within the same industry has to be able to compete with this.

However, when using samples as an enhancement to digital marketing, it can make this marketing far more effective. It can also help in making sure that the Company is getting the most from their marketing dollars.

It supports credibility

Part of the digital marketing message is not only to close sales but to build the brand through its credibility. When a recipient sees that a sample lives up to the marketing message, it begins to build trust. In turn, the digital message has a much more significant impact, which brings a greater ROI for digital messaging.

Beauty Samples Build Confidence

With digital marketing, it takes multiple efforts to build confidence in the consumer. The beauty sample can almost accomplish this immediately. If the recipient likes what they have received, then they are automatically going to assume that the additional products offered by the Company are of the same calibre.

There is no denying that digital marketing is essential, but equally important is putting the products in the hands of the consumer.

Introduction Of New Products

Samples are an excellent means for market testing a product before fully backing a launch with a marketing budget. If there is something about the product that is not well received by a large number of recipients, then steps can be taken to correct this.



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