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A Guide to Marketing in Different Countries


Ambitious businesses don’t want to simply sell to their home markets - they want to take their products overseas. Gaining international customers is crucial in driving growth and increasing industry presence. But when it comes to marketing in different countries, a copy and paste strategy won’t work. Brands should be aware of the different cultural factors involved in marketing to new audiences and, to be successful, must cater to those audiences’ unique preferences and needs. Let’s take a


Turnkey Product Sampling Solutions for Makeup Colour Matches


Getting the right shade match is one of beauty’s biggest challenges. In-store testing is the ideal solution but product availability, location accessibility, time constraints and hygiene concerns mean often this isn’t possible.


The power of word of mouth marketing in the beauty industry


Every brand has a team of marketers who don’t appear on their payroll. No, this isn’t an admin error - it’s the business of selling.


How to successfully launch new beauty products


The growth of the beauty industry is driven by new launches.


The Ingredients to a Successful Beauty Brand Social Presence


Where consumers turn their attention, brands need a presence. And consumer attention is firmly fixed on social media.


How to Calculate the ROI of a Beauty Marketing Campaign


So, you’ve launched a beauty marketing campaign. But how do you know if it was successful? One key way to determine this is through calculating ROI (Return On Investment). For a campaign to be a success, the benefits a business receives (the ‘return’) should be of significantly greater value than the investment in the campaign. The greater the return, the more successful the campaign.


ASDA’s investment in personalisation shows the growing importance of targeted marketing


Last month, Asda announced a new partnership with Salesforce, designed to enhance the experience of its customers.


Hailey Bieber’s new skincare launch has lessons for beauty marketers


Last week, Hailey Bieber joined the likes of Rihanna, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez and launched her own beauty brand.


Taking control of your marketing campaigns


In marketing, it seems as if convenience and control must always be at odds. If brands want ease and simplicity it often feels they have to sacrifice campaign creativity in order to achieve it.


How to market beauty products on social media


Social media marketing is intrinsic to selling in any sector.


Definitive Guide to Product Sampling Campaigns


The beauty world may be becoming more digital but physical product samples are still crucial to the success of the beauty brands.


Beauty Marketing: Into the Metaverse


The metaverse is beginning to take shape. But this new virtual world isn’t just for tech billionaires. It’s opening up new possibilities for brands of every size and in every sector. So what’s happening in the metaverse and what does it mean for the beauty industry?


Crafting the perfect follow up ‘thank you’ email for your sampling campaigns


‘Thank you’ letters aren’t just for birthday presents. They’re a crucial way for brands and agencies to develop meaningful relationships with their customers, learn more about them and drive engagement. But thank you emails aren’t something to be quickly dashed off - they require careful thought and attention. Let’s take a look at how to launch the perfect thank you email campaign.


Marketing To The Generations: Generation Alpha


Watch out marketers: there’s a new generation on the rise.


Tips on getting valuable feedback from customers on sampling campaigns


When it comes to running successful sampling campaigns, many brands fall at the final hurdle. Collecting customer feedback after a sample is delivered isn’t a nice, additional extra but a critical part of brand growth. But many beauty brands think their job is done once a customer has the sample in their hands. Let’s take a look at how to ask for feedback from customers and why it’s crucial brands and agencies don’t miss this step.


How do the logistics of beauty sampling work?


So you want to sample. But how do you actually go about launching product sampling campaigns?


3 ways sustainability impacts the beauty industry


How sustainability plays a role in the future of the beauty industry The sustainable beauty movement is growing. As the climate crisis intensifies, beauty brands of every size are questioning their environmental impact and embracing more sustainable solutions. But what exactly is sustainable beauty and what should brands be doing to ensure their businesses are authentically eco friendly?


Effectiveness of free product samples


Product sampling has come a long way from tiny lipsticks taped to magazines.


Multi-channel marketing in the beauty industry


Sometimes more is more. That’s the case when it comes to beauty marketing strategies and brands who want to reach more customers and drive sales need to remember this. One marketing channel isn’t enough - they need to be looking at Multi-channel marketing for maximum effect. But what is Multi-channel marketing and what are the benefits of a Multi-channel marketing system?


New Generations and the Beauty Industry


The beauty industry is continuously evolving.


Enhancing digital customer’s experience with prize incentives


Prizes go beyond quiz shows. As competition for consumer attention increases, brands and agencies are having to get more creative in order to win new customers and hold onto old ones.


A/B testing cosmetic sampling campaigns


Testing isn’t just for product development. In marketing, too, beauty brands can benefit from testing different iterations to refine their customer approach and maximise ROI.


How influencer-led campaigns drive brand growth in beauty brands


If you’re a beauty brand in 2021, you can’t afford to ignore influencers.


Building your brand with sample reviews


Customer feedback is at the centre of every strong brand.


5 beauty industry predictions for 2022


2021 was another year of upheaval - and innovation - for the beauty industry. Recovering from the sudden impact of coronavirus the previous year and continuing to contend with fluctuating social restrictions, beauty brands have had to think creatively about the way they engage with customers and respond to shifting consumer attitudes. Central to this has been the development of beauty tech and in 2021 this has continued to be an area of rapid and exciting growth, from e-sampling to at-home bea


Why smaller brands are falling behind in the race for personalisation


In today’s competitive beauty landscape, personalisation is paramount.


The importance of collecting zero party data


Cookies are losing their sweetness. Google’s third-party cookie ban on Chrome may have been delayed until 2023 but cookies are on their way out and have already been blocked by Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla.


Where e-sampling wins out over traditional marketing methods


In recent years we’ve seen the birth of a new festive tradition: the battle of the Christmas adverts. Brands pull out all the stops to make us cry, laugh and outshine their competitors and, as viewers, we enjoy judging their efforts.


Why working with SaaS tools is better for many brands


SaaS tools are fuelling growth across every sector and the beauty industry is no different.


Considering the customer journey in beauty marketing campaigns


Considering the customer journey is essential to any retail business but especially to beauty brands. In a saturated, fast-moving market, customers need to be given good reasons to stay engaged or they’ll drop off your sales path and get poached by competitors.


How brands are using personalisation to build meaningful customer relationships


It’s 2021 and consumers are wanting more from brands. Technology has blurred the line between commercial and personal, giving businesses unprecedented access to customers but also raising consumer expectations. Immediacy and ease of use are paramount and the customer experience is almost as important as the product or service itself.


How beauty sampling has evolved and its role in 21st century marketing


Product sampling has a long history in the beauty industry. It’s a sector where the physical experience of a product is everything: how it feels to apply, whether it suits or matches the skin and whether it causes any sensitivity are all crucial features. Committing to a full-size product can be costly and wasteful for consumers if one of these isn’t right and beauty samples save them from this frustrating experience.


Are brands really segmenting?


It’s not just the data you have, it’s what you do with it. Collecting massive amounts of data won’t help your brand unless you’re effectively analysing and using it. A crucial part of this is structuring your data through data segmentation: it’s the foundation of personalisation that’s become increasingly crucial to successful brand marketing.


Why brands are struggling with centralising their data


It’s 2021 and brand building relies on data. We’ve talked before about the ways data can accelerate the growth of beauty brands and how smart, data-based marketing is essential for businesses of every size. Data is an integral part of personalising customer experiences, sustainably and organically growing a following and boosting product sales.


Making customisation cost-effective in beauty marketing


Customisation has become key to beauty marketing. The development of technology and creative cross-sector thinking have shown consumers what’s possible and raised expectations about levels of personalisation in brand relationships. Customised communications and recommendations are at the core of great customer experiences and conversion: 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognise, remember and provide relevant offers and recommendations, according to research from Accentu


Innovation in the beauty industry and pioneering change


The beauty industry is the perfect blend of science, creativity and self-expression and, as such, it’s continuously evolving. External factors influence this evolution: the pandemic and changing consumer needs vastly accelerated the growth of beauty tech, for example, and at-home beauty tools. Brands of every size are developing innovative new products, tools and tactics and this is integral to their success. Every beauty company must now be extremely innovative and forward-thinking in order to


How you can effectively use data to accelerate your beauty brand


In the 21st century, data has become the fabric of our world. As our lives increasingly move online and new tech tools are developed, the data our actions generate is continuously expanding and, with it, our understanding of ourselves and the spaces we inhabit. As such, data has become central to the way brands learn about and serve their customers. It isn’t the preserve of big tech companies with Sillicon Valley HQs: data is helping and is able to help businesses of every size, across every se


Beauty tech was already transforming the cosmetics industry. The pandemic made it a revolution.


Beauty may not be the first area that springs to mind when people think of technology transforming our lives. But over the past few years, the beauty tech industry has been steadily growing and changing the ways consumers experience beauty products and engage with cosmetics brands. It’s a sector of vast potential with the ability to help the beauty industry overcome some of its longest-standing challenges.


The Importance of Beauty Samples In A Digital World


Consumers have the opportunity to purchase many different products via the internet. While this is convenient, for some products like cosmetics, it is not ideal. This is a personal product, and consumers are not able to enjoy the same experience as they would if they were buying in the traditional manners.


Going Beyond Sample Perfumes: A New Approach To Fragrance Marketing


Perfume samples in the UK is the best way of marketing a new scent. Brands need to focus on delivering sample perfumes. To learn more about the perfume samples, visit the website now.


What is product sampling?


The beauty industry has always been popular. The way things are done in the industry, from the products created to the marketing tactics employed, has changed and come a very long way over the course of the last few years. Due, in part, to the evolution of different types of technology. As technology continues to grow, companies that are in the cosmetics business need to find ways that they will be able to stay relevant and continue to connect with consumers.


Digital Retail – The New Frontier For The Beauty Industry


Digital retail channels provide brands a wealth of insights on their customers. To know more how retail digital transformation impact on beauty brands, visit the website now.


Why partner with a product sampling agency in the UK?


A good product sampling agency in the UK can help you by tailoring a unique in-store experience for your customers that is both meaningful, and effective in increasing conversions. For more details visit the website now.


How can beauty tech enable a richer customer experience?


Odore’s beauty tech solution helps to create sampling campaigns that increase the digital customer experience. Also, creates a way for beauty brands to create additional customer journeys and opportunities for remarketing, personalized and relevant to each customer.


Sampling in Cosmetics – The Unmissable Opportunity


Offering free cosmetic samples UK, builds both interest, as well trust in your brand, which can ultimately drive customer loyalty to a large degree. To learn more about Sampling In Cosmetics, visit the website now.


Redefining traditional retail kiosks : A need for innovation in the post-COVID world


Product sampling through retail kiosks is one of the most effective ways of getting customers to buy a product. It serves as a perfect hybrid of traditional retail kiosks and modern retail technology.


Creative Marketing Strategies for Skincare Samples in the UK


Searching for e-sampling platform that offers you skincare samples UK? Then, Odore, is an e-sampling platform and in-store sampling device offer an engaging and personalised approach to product sampling.


Beyond Free Beauty Samples UK: Elevating Product Sampling


Online sampling enticing customers into claiming free beauty samples in the UK and brands gain a wealth of data on customers. For more details about online sampling for free beauty samples, visit the website now.


5 Beauty Trends That Will Redefine the Future of the Industry


Digital beauty retail offers for customers the cost advantage and data opportunity to brands are sure to spur beauty trends on even more in the future. For more details about beauty innovation, visit the website now.


The Role of Experiential Marketing In the UK Beauty Industry


In the UK, experiential marketing campaigns for beauty brands need consultations and demonstrations with beauty experts. To learn more about experiential marketing, visit the website now.