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 February 9, 20239 min read

A/B testing cosmetic sampling campaigns

Testing isn’t just for product development.

In marketing, too, beauty brands can benefit from testing different iterations to refine their customer approach and maximise ROI.

A common form of testing is A/B testing which helps brands choose the most compelling versions of their marketing campaigns.

So, what is A/B testing and how can it help brands drive growth and conversions?

What is A/B testing?

An A/B test is a randomised experiment which involves changing one variable to create two different versions of something and comparing performance.

For instance, a brand may launch a marketing campaign with two different images to see which captures more attention. This data can then be used to inform their visual strategy for future marketing campaigns.

But there are many different uses for A/B testing. It can be used to compare the efficacy of social media versus email campaigns, analyse the impact of asking questions or examine the difference between two headlines.

However, it’s important to remember that only one variable should be changed. An A/B trap that brands can easily fall into is changing too many variables between versions which makes it hard to pinpoint which factors are responsible for differences in consumer behaviour.

It’s also crucial to note that the time a campaign is launched is also a variable that needs to be taken into account. Consequently, A/B tests may need to be conducted a few times in order to accommodate this variable.

A/B testing is especially a game changer when it comes to product sampling campaigns. With an A/B testing campaign, brands can trial sending out different samples to see which ones are claimed first. This generates invaluable data they can input into their customer behaviour analysis.

Reduce costly risks

A/B testing is ultimately a cost reduction exercise.

By honing in on the most compelling style and content of marketing and product sampling campaigns, businesses can reduce future campaign costs by only running campaigns that they know are effective and that yield a good return on investment.

For instance, a brand may find that a certain tone of voice on their sample interface is most effective at getting consumers to click through and claim their product sample, which in turn drives sales. They can then make sure they maintain this style for future sample interfaces to drive the highest number of consumers to claim samples.

Personalise your consumers’ experience

A key variable for brands to test is levels of personalisation in their marketing.

Studies show that personalisation is something consumers have come to expect from businesses but through A/B testing brands can determine what types of personalisation specifically work for their products and their audiences.

For instance, a brand may use product A/B testing to see if consumers respond better to having product samples personalised to their specific needs, or if a sampling campaign is still effective when the sample remains the same for all consumers but the campaign copy is personalised.

Increase conversion rates

A/B testing helps brands increase conversion rates by demonstrating - with data - the marketing strategies and products consumers prefer. This allows them to shape their business and future strategies around what consumers really want, driving sales and increasing profits.

Is a traditional Instagram campaign or influencer marketing more effective for a certain product? The AB test conversion rate will provide the answers and show a brand which tactic leads to a better return on their marketing investment.

Although A/B testing leads to higher conversions and sales, growing profits in the long run, the upfront costs involved in trialling two different versions of a campaign may be a barrier for some smaller brands.

However, an SaaS solution like Odore includes automated A/B testing in our offering to make testing incredibly simple and cost-effective for brands.

Our beauty product sampling platform enables businesses to deliver high-performing campaigns, every time, so marketing budget isn’t wasted and the right products get into the hands of the right customers.

Learn and evolve from every A/B test

A/B testing is about learning what works on the ground and evolving your brand and offering in line with consumers’ evolving needs and expectations.

Smart businesses know that leveraging the latest technology in the beauty industry is what’s needed to keep their brand competitive in an increasingly crowded field.

And it’s not just individual brands that can benefit. Agencies can also reap the rewards of A/B testing and use this digital tactic to fine tune their brand campaigns so they’re delivering measurable, maximum value for their clients.

The data they glean will support them in making strong marketing recommendations to their clients as well as highlighting trends in consumer behaviour that may affect the way they need to work.

Product sampling is a crucial way brands can learn about their consumers. But they can make this tactic - as well as their overall marketing - even more effective by A/B testing their product sampling campaigns. Good marketing is creative but great marketing is also data-driven and A/B testing gives brands and agencies the digital insights they need.

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