A smarter way to sample products.

A smarter way to sample products.

Enhance your physical locations with Odore’s sampling device - completely customisable to incorporate your branding. The device welcomes consumers to share their preferences and instantly provides relevant samples based on the insights it collects.

Also available as a hybrid solution

Odore helps you…

Odore leads shoppers toward tailored solutions

Create experiences

Answer the “what’s right for me?” conundrum that stifles shoppers by making intelligent recommendations based on the details they share on our interface.

Engage consumers

Odore’s sampling device delivers fitting promo material to nurture your relationships with your customers throughout the campaign journey.

Gain insights

Shoppers share their preferences on our device and are rewarded with hyper-relevant product samples, while you get to learn from the profound data gathered from each user profile.

Track conversions

Odore allows you to trace and monitor what’s producing the most favorable results from your product sampling campaigns.

Retarget shoppers

Add your new customers to your CRM and using Odore, you can tailor future campaigns towards specific shoppers after they receive samples.

Featured Case Study

How we've helped Clarins target Millennials

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Use our smart sampling device to...

Amplify your reach
Amplify your reach
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Odore’s smart devices encourage and gather deep consumer insights, keeping you in touch with your customers.

Understand consumers better
Understand consumers better
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Shoppers share their preferences on our interface and platform and are rewarded with hyper-relevant product samples.

Build meaningful relationships
Build meaningful relationships
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We use empathy and intimacy to bring brands closer to consumers, which happens when shoppers get exactly what they need.

Earn unbreakable loyalty
Earn unbreakable loyalty
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By providing tailored product samples based on real-time customer insights, brands earn well-deserved loyalty.

How to Get an Odore Device

Schedule a demo.

We’ll meet with you personally or virtually in real-time to show exactly what Odore’s smart device and intuitive campaigns can do for your brand.

Order Odore.

Once you’ve signed off on a project, we’ll design + test the campaign, then deliver the devices over the following weeks.

Implement your campaign.

After you’re up and running, our platform will collect consumer insights and preferences, which you can use to hyper-target your campaign.

Get started

How consumers Interact with Odore


Choose a product, fill out a survey.

After a consumer chooses which product they’d like dispensed from our device, they are invited to fill out a short survey prior to receiving the sample.


Create a profile, get product advice.

Shoppers are invited to share some details based on questions they’re asked, after which our system instantly tailor-picks a relevant product for them.


Receive a sample.

Whether users already know what they want or need help deciding, both our survey and profiling experiences dispense products to consumers.