An all-in-one digital sampling platform

Boost product ratings, improve reviews and watch sales rise

Win loyal customers and grow brand following with personalised, meaningful engagement

Amplify your reach

Amplify your reach

Reach more customers and grow your brand. Create, track and manage demand and match customers with the perfect products.

Understand your customers better

Understand your customers better

Get insights into your customers' real-time actions and behaviour with our powerful data analytics tools.

Earn brand loyalty

Earn brand loyalty

Brand loyalty can’t be forced - it’s earned. Keep customers coming back with meaningful engagement across social media, e-mail and in person.

Build meaningful relationships

Build meaningful relationships

Build meaningful, trust-based relationships with your customers and give them a reason to engage.

Build your next campaign in minutes

Create, curate and monitor your hyper-targeted sampling campaign

Create your campaign

Design an integrated campaign in minutes without needing to write a single line of code. Curate an integrated campaign in minutes without needing to write a single line of code.

Set your campaign preferences

Choose the right channels for your campaign and set your fulfilment preferences.

Define your audience

Reach the right audiences with our targeted marketing tools and platform integrations

Finalise details

Get a full breakdown of campaign costs and understand how your campaign will run


Missed something? Edit your campaign at any time - even after launching - with our user-friendly interface.

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Making sampling easy

Odore helps you get your samples out the door - fast. Use our platform to create a reliable, flexible sampling programme and build better customer relationships

Turn new customers into lifelong brand advocates

Understand what your customers want so you can give them curated content you know they’ll love

We make your data easy to understand

Unlock the true value of your data and gather in-depth insights from every customer interaction. Use this data to predict campaign outcomes, build a better picture of customer behaviour and drive long-term customer loyalty

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Odore is an all-in-one digital product sampling platform for all types of campaigns.