How we’ve helped Clarins target Millennials




Locations: Le Pop Up Voici, 11th Arrondissement, Paris, France

Odore worked with Clarins to distribute its leading product samples at the Voici Pop Up.

The objectives of the campaign were to collect customers data through a new unique medium, drive traffic to Clarins area within the popup, and immerse customers in an unparalleled product exploration experience.

High opt-in rates allowed collection of extensive customer data. Customers were engaged and pleased with their product recommendations, shown by high levels of declared conversion and likeliness to purchase.

Post Campaign Analysis

After the campaign, we surveyed customers who had received a sample, in order to gain a better understand into their feedback.

How did you like the Clarins product you received?


of surveyed customers “liked” or “loved” the Clarins sample that they received, with the overall average rating of the sample received being 88%.


Average rating of the sample received. This is quite high and shows that customers enjoyed using the Clarins products – making them likely customers.


of customers were likely to purchase a Clarins product in the next 6 months. The strong intent to purchase can be reflective of the most relevant products being recommended to the correct customers.

The positive feedback obtained after the campaign demonstrates how Odore’s measured sampling tools can attract more customers to the brand, as well as increase the likelihood/reality of purchasing products.

Would you recommend Clarins to a friend?

Remarkably, we received a 100% recommendation rate from everyone surveyed that took part in the campaign. This was extremely reassuring and illustrative of how well the products were received by customers.

Campaign Results



Email vs SMS



Between 20-30


Between 30-40


Between 40-50


Older than 50-51


Younger than 20-0

  • Between 20-30
  • Between 30-40
  • Between 40-50
  • Older than 50-51
  • Younger than 20-0

More than 60% of products were distributed were to the 18-40 age category. Of those, 40% were between 20-30 years old Clarins caters products to a range of different age groups therefore the campaign delivered distribution to a consistent range of ages received the products.

Customer Feedback


86% of customers rated the sampling device as either “Excellent” or “Very Good”, with an average rating of 85%.


100% of customers claimed they would use the Odore device again. This is incredibly reassuring as it demonstrates that the customers found the tool useful and enjoyable to use during the campaign.

Quotes from our customers

The experience was great and made me learn more about Clarins products!

“I really enjoyed the experience and the fact that it was personalized”