In April 2020, we have developed dispensing devices to be deployed to public spaces within the UK in order to combat the spread of the virus. The purpose-built devices have been introduced to reduce human contact, whereby a customer scans a QR code on screen and completes a short questionnaire highlighting key symptoms, and other experiences. Following this, the customer would receive the essential hygiene item immediately from the device, which includes sanitizers.

This non-profit initiative creates a mechanism to track the distribution of essential products, whilst also providing a platform to showcase the latest governmental educational measures and advice. Odore’s data analytical capabilities will analyze the data collected which includes symptoms and other customer experiences, feed this information back to governmental agencies to monitor the signs and symptoms, with a goal of getting one stop closer to stop the spread of the virus.

Our online distribution network remains open if the demand is required to distribute these products online, where Odore can lead both the technology and logistical distribution of these essential hygiene items.

We are proud to support this initiative within the UK and fully cooperating to ensure that these devices can be successfully deployed to fulfill the purpose of combating the spread of the virus.

Take care and be safe.
Armaan and Karan, Co-Founders Odore