How We’ve Helped Miller Harris Improve Sample Distribution

Miller Harris wanted to target the millennial market; particularly young professionals living in London.

They agreed on key KPI’s that they wanted to measure, as well as what type of insights would be gathered on potential customers.

For all users of the machine, Miller Harris wanted to know if their target demographic had any loyalty to their current fragrance house, and hence test their willingness to switch brands. Further, they wanted to know which fragrances they currently used. They also needed assistance with their pricing strategy, and by finding out the fragrance spending patterns of millennials, they could position their pricing accordingly.


Post Campaign Analysis

After the campaign, we reached out to consumers who had used the machine. Overall results were very positive for Miller Harris – many more consumers were now familiar with their brand, and were more willing to purchase their fragrances.


82% of respondents were either extremely or somewhat likely to replace their current fragrance with a Miller Harris fragrance.


29% have purchased a Miller Harris fragrance since dispensing a sample from our device - showing great ROI and conversion rates.


88% had not previously heard of Miller Harris – tremendous growth in brand awareness and affinity.


Respondents showed an average of 76% likelihood to recommend Miller Harris, with 30% of consumers definitely recommending Miller Harris. This shows tremendous success in the most powerful form of marketing; word of mouth.

This feedback is incredibly important as it showed positive reactions to the samples which consumers had received.

Individual Consumer Profile

Once a consumer completes our survey, we have gathered important and relevant data points that are extremely useful for a brand’s strategy.

This is an example of a single consumer profile that is generated once the journey is complete.

Once we have gathered the data from a single consumer, we can then provide recommendations to brands on how to act on this information.

Use our smart sampling device to…

Consumer Age


Brands Used

Kiehl’s, Sandro, Creed

Odore’s recommendations

Doesn’t use same brand skincare as fragrance: try to target consumer for alternative products, such as candles through social media promotions.

Spend Per Parfume


Parfumes at Home

Three or More

Consumer Makes

Instant Decisions

Consumer Values

Brand Quality

Shop in Stores Such As


Frequently Travel With

British Airways


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