SaaS tools are fuelling growth across every sector and the beauty industry is no different. 

From AR and AI-powered tools that allow consumers to virtually try on makeup, as offered by Perfect Corp, to cloud software for salons and spas, as created by tech unicorn Zenoti, there are countless applications for SaaS solutions within the cosmetics industry.

In our fast-paced, low-attention span world, convenience is king and consumers will reward brands that make their lives simpler and easier. SaaS tools are helping beauty businesses improve the customer journey and cultivate precious brand loyalty in an intensely competitive space. SaaS platforms are also helping brands develop sophisticated marketing to highly personalise the purchasing process and drive sales by getting the right products into the right hands.

Overall, SaaS tools are facilitating beauty’s digital shift, accelerated by the pandemic, that is moving in-store experiences online. SaaS is instrumental in helping beauty brands respond to the rapid growth of ecommerce, predicted by Adobe to reach $4.2 trillion in global sales this year. Such tools allow brands to cater to evolving consumer needs and embrace new marketing tactics to retain customers and win new converts.


The benefits of choosing an SaaS solution

It’s clear technology can be immensely powerful but why choose an SaaS solution specifically?

One of the key advantages of SaaS platforms is their cost-effectiveness, which results in better ROI for brands. This makes SaaS an ideal solution for businesses of every size, even for bigger brands who can afford a sizeable, one-off investment in software. In addition to greater ROI, SaaS eliminates the financial risk of expensive software as businesses can pick and choose their subscription terms.

Scalability is also a crucial advantage of SaaS tools. An SaaS solution can adapt to the changing needs of a company, so if the business grows or, alternatively, costs need to be reduced in certain areas, you can adjust your subscription accordingly. With no upfront costs for equipment, hardware or software stalls or an IT professional to fix any issues, SaaS platforms minimise expenditure and stress.

SaaS platforms are also designed to be accessed whenever and wherever users like, making them ideal for remote, distributed teams. 

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What should brands look for in an SaaS platform?

It may sound obvious but brands need to be clear about the specific value an SaaS platform will bring them when searching for tools to help drive their growth. SaaS platforms can provide huge value and ROI for businesses - if the platform is right for the brand. Companies need to make sure the platform they are choosing matches their specific needs and goals.

Another important factor to consider is the integrations offered by an SaaS solution. Brands need to make sure the platform they’re considering complements and works well with the applications they currently use. The platform needs to easily connect to the rest of your tech ecosystem - for example, with your software for warehousing, content, data, social media, emails, ecommerce and influencer marketing - so you don’t end up creating information silos. This is especially important for SaaS tools that collect data. Data is highly valuable but only if different data collection points are able to speak to each other and their data be read together.

Finally, brands need to pay attention to the ease of use and onboarding process of an SaaS platform. A clear, seamless onboarding process is crucial so precious time isn’t diverted from running the business to wrestle with onboarding problems.

A good SaaS platform will have been designed to be as simple to use as possible, no matter how sophisticated the software. And the team will provide excellent, continuous customer support to iron out any issues and help brands instantly start reaping the benefits of the technology.

SaaS tools empower brands by allowing them to make the most of cutting-edge technology with simple, scalable solutions that match their unique business needs. This tech means beauty companies can embrace the digital shift and attract consumers with innovative new tools and marketing strategies. SaaS platforms help brands make their customers’ lives easier - whilst making this process easy itself.

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