It’s 2021 and brand building relies on data. We’ve talked before about the ways data can accelerate the growth of beauty brands and how smart, data-based marketing is essential for businesses of every size. Data is an integral part of personalising customer experiences, sustainably and organically growing a following and boosting product sales.

But the way data is managed is just as important as what data is collected and how it is used. Too many brands are still struggling with this.

The centralisation struggle

Marketing campaigns are complex operations. The majority require cross-channel coordination, audience and channel-specific assets and multiple customer touch points. As such, teams will turn to a variety of different tools and specialist software to help them deliver a campaign to the high levels of precision they desire. For example, a team might use Adobe software for their graphics and Wyng for their lead capture.

On the surface, this strategy seems to make sense. But running a campaign across a variety of different platforms soon starts creating issues. Important and useful customer data is spread across different locations and, if the platforms aren’t somehow integrated, teams will end up creating pockets of data that can’t easily be used together. Such information silos make it hard to automate and efficiently launch campaigns and the value of the data can’t be fully realised. 

Decentralised data also has an impact on a team’s working environment and relationships. If work is completed on different platforms, a brand must rely on internal communication to make sure everyone is working with the same, accurate information. Of course, this is much easier said than done and it’s natural for errors to creep in when information is in different places, leading to delays, stress and team frustration.

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Consolidating your data

The solution to this problem is as simple as it sounds: finding a way to centralise brand data and bring it all into one place.

Keeping information in a core database enables teams to work with greater speed and efficiency as there are fewer layers of data to navigate so information management is easier and time isn’t wasted bouncing between platforms. It also makes data analysis and comparison much easier, helping team leaders make accurate, data-based assessments that will shape future business decisions. And it cuts down on human error that arises from juggling multiple pieces of software.

An additional brand benefit centralisation brings is heightened security. Reducing the number of data locations and logins employees must use reduces the risk of a data breach that can have a big impact on the reputation and finances of a brand. It’s easier to control and safeguard valuable data, and make sure it stays internal, if it’s kept and accessed in one place.

Keeping things simple with a single platform

So, how can brands practically start centralising their data? One easy way is to use a specifically designed, single platform that enables brands to collect, curate and deploy data from a variety of sources and keep it all in one place.

This is how Odore helps: our platform enables brands to collect and use zero-party data, through interactive quizzes, digital sampling and personalised ecommerce experiences, to create sharper, smart marketing campaigns. The Odore platform integrates with popular ecommerce tools such as Salesforce, Klaviyo, Shopify and more so brands can enjoy their functionality without being forced to spread their data across multiple platforms. Brands can easily access data from these ecommerce platforms or choose to transfer and host this data directly on the Odore platform, so it’s all stored in one place. Odore therefore acts as a crucial tool for centralising data and boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns.

Odore’s platform also makes data centralisation accessible for smaller brands with a more limited budget, due to the variety of pricing plans we have available. Our SaaS solution is easily scalable and means smaller businesses don’t have to fork out for multiple subscriptions in order to build creative, cutting-edge campaigns. But our platform is equally important to the work of global beauty brands - take a look at some of our clients.

Data collection is crucial for beauty brands in this new era of personalised marketing. But if it’s not centralised, it’s holding them back. If brands want to work more quickly, accurately and make the best data-driven decisions, they need to get rid of information silos and turn to a central database. A single platform solution like Odore’s can help them do just that.


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