Getting the right shade match is one of beauty’s biggest challenges.

In-store testing is the ideal solution but product availability, location accessibility, time constraints and hygiene concerns mean often this isn’t possible.

That’s why some of the biggest beauty innovations in recent years have revolved around shade-matching tools. 

Foundation matching tech, powered by AI, has been rolled out by brands like No7 and Cult Beauty, to help consumers find their perfect shade and cut out the waste and frustration often involved in foundation selection. 

But it’s not just foundation products where shade is important.

Contour products - though not aiming for an exact shade match - need to work with a customer’s skin tone and correspond to the undertones of their skin. And it’s an area where brands should pay attention. Contour products are increasing in popularity, with Spate’s 2022 Trends Report predicting a 28.1% increase in US Google searches for ‘contour stick’ this year and a 17.9% increase for ‘face bronzer stick’.

Helping consumers identify their perfect makeup shades is key to securing their custom. But an online tool doesn’t always cut it.


Colour matching with product sampling solutions

That’s where product sampling comes in.

Product sampling solutions can be combined with online quizzes to not only match consumers with the right products, but allow them to try these products for themselves.

This helps customers overcome their reluctance to try something new, allows brands to establish meaningful relationships and reach new audiences, gather crucial data insights and drive online reviews.

Brands can choose to handle their product sampling in-house. But a ready to go, ‘turnkey’ product sampling solution like Odore lets them retain creative control whilst outsourcing the legwork to the experts. 


Using Odore for personalised product sampling

With Odore, brands can match consumers with the products that will suit their needs and send them samples to increase conversion.

For example, they may launch a campaign on social media that encourages consumers to complete an online quiz, to find out which product suits them best. Those who complete the quiz and fill in their details will receive a sample of this product.

The data that’s collected in this process helps brands create an end-to-end experience for consumers and establish meaningful relationships.

It can be used to personalise customer interactions and build customer loyalty by offering sample recipients giveaway opportunities, complementary discounts or codes or invites to exclusive events.

These can also be used to incentivise certain actions: such as encouraging consumers to leave a sample review that helps businesses build their brand.

Odore makes it easy to collect and use data in this way. Businesses can build online quizzes with our platform and our rich analytics tools provide granular customer analysis so you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

Our platform also centralises the customer data across your business, bringing together crucial information from Mailchimp, Salesforce and more. This helps brands build a seamless customer experience and our data collection is fully secure and GDPR compliant.


Creating a bespoke product sampling campaign

Brands that work with Odore are given access to a team of product sampling experts.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest beauty brands to deliver exceptional product sampling campaigns but we support businesses of every shape and size.

When a brand or agency starts to work with Odore, you’ll meet with account representatives who are experts in their field.

Odore will discuss your goals and target audience with you, work through the best strategies, unique to your goals, discuss fulfilment options and talk you through the process of metrics and reporting.

We create campaigns to be proud of that capture consumer attention and drive ROI


Makeup matching with Odore

Makeup matching through product sampling isn’t just a theory - we’ve seen it work in practice.

We recently collaborated with a global beauty brand to drive awareness and sales of a foundation range and gather crucial consumer insights.

Our campaign used a multi-step shade finder to match consumers with the right shade for them, and then send them a sample. Our campaign saw over 3,500 samples delivered, with 69% sent to new customers, and gave the brand valuable information about their most popular shades.


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