In marketing, it seems as if convenience and control must always be at odds.

If brands want ease and simplicity it often feels they have to sacrifice campaign creativity in order to achieve it.

But what if there was a way of having the best of both worlds? Let’s take a look at the ways brands and agencies can take control of their marketing campaigns.

Approaching a marketing campaign

When it comes to running campaigns - such as product sampling campaigns - the first decision businesses must make is whether to run a campaign in-house or outsource the work.

There are advantages and drawbacks to both approaches.

In-house marketing campaigns

The main attraction keeping a campaign in-house is the level of control businesses can maintain over the campaigns. For instance, in a sampling campaign, they can have complete freedom in terms of the packaging their samples are sent in and the information that accompanies them. And when sampling, consumers are more likely to trust samples and lead forms that are seen to come directly from the brand itself or are displayed on the brand’s website.

In-house campaigns also sidestep any data sharing issues that come with sharing information with third parties. Team members will have instant, easy access to archive information and data from across all areas of the business.

But in-house campaigns also come with a cost - literally. It can be very expensive and time-consuming for a brand to run everything themselves and, as such, smaller companies may struggle to launch more comprehensive campaigns.

And it’s not just about launching campaigns. Monitoring campaigns - and adjusting them where needed - are a crucial part of running them and when they’re handled in-house, that’s an extra area for brands to oversee. They need to ensure they have the capacity and resources to resolve any issues that arise or modify their actions to improve performance.

Outsourcing marketing campaigns

The opposite approach is outsourcing. This means handing over a campaign to a team of specialists who will run it on a company’s behalf. In addition to clearing the task off their own team’s plate and giving it to people with the specific skills and experience needed, outsourcing can sometimes even help brands reduce costs. For instance, in product sampling campaigns, outsourcing can help reduce the cost of shipping samples internationally.

Outsourcing also means outsourcing some of the risk of a campaign. If a problem arises, it’s the outsourcing partner who has the responsibility to resolve it.

However, the ease of outsourcing does involve surrendering a level of control. When outsourcing product sampling campaigns, for example, brands lose some control over packaging and managing it exactly as they want.

Outsourcing to a third party can also introduce communication problems, costs could be increased (particularly if the brand involved is very large), and obtaining customer feedback can be more challenging if conducted through a third party.

Creating marketing campaigns with Odore

The decision between the creative control of in-house campaigns versus the reduced risk and stress of outsourcing can be tricky. But there is a way to bridge the two. 

Turning to SaaS marketing tools like Odore give brands the ease, efficiency and state-of-the-art tech offered by outsourcing, whilst allowing them to have full control of a campaign.

When brands want to create a marketing campaign, they just have to turn to our drag and drop builder to construct a sophisticated campaign in a matter of clicks.

Our platform makes it easy to create and edit beautiful, creative campaigns without needing to write a single line of code. This means team members from all backgrounds can be involved with launching and running a campaign. Odore makes collaboration even easier with multiple user access so everyone can contribute and teams aren’t working in silos

Odore’s tools not only give brands control of their campaigns, they enhance them. Our smart platform provides personalised campaign recommendations, based on customer responses and data, so companies can optimise their effectiveness. Brands can segment their audiences for hyper-targeted marketing, meaning marketing is sent to those who are most receptive to it. This also helps brands build personal relationships with consumers.

Automated A/B testing is also included so brands can test out different marketing approaches and discover the strategies that deliver maximum ROI.

And when it comes to product sampling campaigns, though brands have creative freedom in constructing the campaign, Odore handles the logistics of delivery. Our international network of fulfilment centres make sure samples reach customers safely and on time and support brands in their climate commitments with sustainable, recyclable packaging.

Monitoring marketing campaigns

Another key feature of Odore’s platform is the way it helps businesses monitor campaigns. 

After a campaign is launched, brands and agencies who use Odore can observe its performance in real-time and so can immediately make any adjustments that are needed. 

With product sampling campaigns, brands receive real-time shipping updates, allowing them to track customer delivery.

These processes mean businesses can keep on top of campaign performance with minimal resources.

Campaign integrations

With Odore, marketers also have control over the channels through which their marketing campaigns are launched.

Our technology integrates with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, meaning brands can launch sophisticated, multi-channel campaigns from one place. But that’s not all. Our platform additionally  integrates with marketing tools like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Salesforce and Shopify, so brands can draw on this data to build highly personalised, targeted campaigns.

Creating successful marketing campaigns with Odore

The combination of convenience and control offered by Odore has seen global beauty brands pick us as their partner for campaigns.

For instance, we recently ran a product sampling campaign with an iconic beauty brand which achieved a very strong opt-in rate of 80% among consumers. In addition to getting the brand’s product in the hands of customers, the campaign also provided valuable insights as to the best channels to engage with customers in subsequent campaigns.

In this way, Odore helps brands not only take control of present marketing campaigns but also of campaigns of the future.


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