Sometimes more is more.

That’s the case when it comes to beauty marketing strategies and brands who want to reach more customers and drive sales need to remember this. 

One marketing channel isn’t enough - they need to be looking at Multi-channel marketing for maximum effect.

But what is Multi-channel marketing and what are the benefits of a Multi-channel marketing system?

What is Multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing means communicating with consumers in a number of different ways - such as through social media campaigns, emails, in-store marketing, TV adverts or through a website.

You may hear the term ‘cross-channel marketing’ used interchangeably with Multi-channel marketing but there is a subtle difference.

Multi-channel marketing becomes cross-channel when there is integration between the channels and a consumer may experience a single campaign across multiple channels. Cross-channel marketing tools will enable data sharing between the channels to give customers a connected experience.

Advantages of Multi-channel marketing for beauty brands

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Multi-channel marketing.

The main advantage is to increase brand awareness and reach as a brand’s marketing strategy will cover more ground.

We know that different demographics favour different communication channels so if a brand wants to connect with multiple audiences they can’t be content with just one channel. This is particularly important as a marketing strategy for beauty products as these tend to have a wide audience.

Most consumers will be active on multiple channels and so seeing brand repeatedly (within reason) will increase their likelihood of engaging with and remembering their content.

And if brands employ a cross-channel approach and personalise the consumer experience through recommendations based on their previous behaviour, this is more likely to lead to a sale.

However, one reason brands are reluctant to try multi-channel marketing is the associated cost.  Replicating a campaign across multiple channels, especially if paid promotion is involved, will require more marketing budget.

But this doesn’t have to be a barrier. Marketing platforms like Odore make it easy and cost-efficient to launch a campaign across multiple channels so additional costs are kept to a minimum and brands of every size can enjoy the benefits of a multi-stranded approach.

With Odore, you can launch as many campaigns as you like as this is included in our SaaS fee. Our scalable solution means smaller beauty brands don’t have to miss out and their marketing strategy can grow, and grow with, their business.

Managing a Multi-channel beauty campaign

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing Multi-channel marketing as a beauty brand marketing strategy.

The first is choosing the most appropriate channel for marketing content: channels aren’t homogenous and different channels have different purposes and audiences. Brands need to ensure they’re picking the right ones for their purpose.

Another challenge is having the right tech that allows brands to launch effective campaigns across the channels of their choice whilst managing and storing the data that comes in from them. That’s why choosing a partner like Odore is a strong option - we take care of all this and push and pull data from brands’ CRM in real-time.

We also have dedicated support teams to offer help and support to brands every step of the way. 

The power of data: leveraging Multi-channel marketing analytics

The data brands collect from Multi-channel marketing is a crucial way of understanding consumers better.

Launching a campaign across multiple channels allows brands to compare the success of different channels in reaching their target demographics which can help inform their marketing strategies in the future.

And collecting data from any channel can support brands in hyper-targeted marketing so the right products and content are shown to the right consumers, increasing the likelihood of a sale and building more meaningful relationships between brands and customers.

Delivering successful Multi-channel beauty campaigns

Multi-channel marketing is one of the most successful beauty industry marketing strategies and it’s an option available to all the brands we work with.

Brands and agencies working with Odore have the option to launch on multiple channels at once, whether that be lead forms served on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, VIP emails or paid media ads.

We also help brands launch campaigns through publisher partnerships and influencer collaborations to give them access to audiences they may never have been able to reach before.

Through Odore, brands can launch campaigns on all these channels simultaneously and create campaigns with an impact.


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