Customer feedback is at the centre of every strong brand.

It doesn’t matter if a brand thinks their product is great or it looks like a hit on paper - if customers aren’t liking it, they won’t be buying it and the brand will struggle to reach their sales targets.

Not only this, if a brand consistently creates poorly received products, they’ll find it hard to maintain customer loyalty and their reputation will sharply drop.

That’s why even after a product is launched, following rigorous testing, it’s crucial for brands to discover what customers think.

However, simply waiting for customer reviews to roll in isn’t a successful strategy. If brands rely on customers purchasing their product in order to receive feedback, the quantity of feedback they’ll receive will remain low.

A better way of collecting feedback is through a product sampling campaign. This increases the number of consumers who try a brand’s product and increases their number of reviews.

How can brands conduct a successful sampling campaign and collect the feedback they need to refine their products and build their brand? Let’s find out below.

Digitalising sample feedback

Product sampling isn’t a 21st century invention. But the issue with traditional sampling methods is that brands don’t collect reviews from in-store sampling.

Traditional sampling can help increase sales by getting consumers to try a new product for the first time and activating the reciprocity instinct. However, it misses out a huge part of the value of sampling, in finding out what consumers really think after they experience a product.

This is where e-sampling comes in.

When a sampling campaign is conducted digitally, it makes it easy to gather feedback from consumers. Digital campaigns also generate a large amount of data that can support with hyper-targeted marketing, in addition to informing a brand’s research and development.

Through sampling, they’ll discover which demographics respond best to which products so they can maximise sales in the future.

Launching campaigns and receiving feedback with Odore

Odore’s platform is designed to make digital sampling a smooth and seamless process for brands and agencies.

Through Odore, companies will first build their sample interface: similar to a website landing page, it’s a place where customers will be directed to claim their sample. In order to claim their sample, customers will fill in a questionnaire which gives brands very valuable zero party data which they can use in marketing, strategising and product development.

Once the sample interface is built, brands will launch their campaign through the Odore platform, using Odore’s integrations to launch across multiple social media channels.

Customers will be able to click the interface link, claim their sample and quickly receive their products thanks to our fast, reliable fulfilment services.

After they’ve received their sample, customers will then be sent a thank you email, with a link encouraging them to review the product. Brands can choose to have customer reviews published on their website or social media. 

What brands should expect from e-sampling reviews

Even though digital sampling makes collecting reviews incredibly quick and easy, brands should remember that not every consumer will leave a review.

In fact, the average review opt-in rate is around 1-5% with 10% opt-in representing a very strong result. 

However, there are certain strategies brands can employ to increase their opt-in rate. For example, quick follow-up emails after products are received will increase the number of reviews a brand gets. And providing an incentive - such as a discount code - will also improve opt-in rates.

Brands should also remember that it’s not just about review quantity - they should also be checking the quality of reviews they receive to make sure they are legitimate. For example, Odore works with companies like Bazaarvoice to ensure review legitimacy and place reviews on the correct channel.

Sampling success

We’re helping a wide array of businesses, from innovative startups through to iconic global brands, connect with consumers and gather their thoughts.

For instance, we recently helped a skincare brand launch a sampling campaign that received a large number of high-quality reviews that can be added directly to their e-commerce site. Not only this, the brand received an extremely high satisfaction rating of 4.74 out of 5, with 8 in 10 (79%) of customers saying they were likely to purchase the sample product in the next three months.

As well as demonstrating to the brand that their product formulation is very well received, this sampling campaign gave them valuable data around demographics and consumer preferences. 

Through the sampling questionnaire, they learned about the favourite brands of sampled consumers, in addition to how much consumers typically spend on certain skincare products. This data will be very useful for future business strategy as well as personalising further product marketing.

Reviews can also be linked to consumers’ questionnaire answers to contextualise answers and build up a more detailed picture of consumer preferences.

Collecting feedback is the only way brands can develop and grow. Digital sampling makes getting that feedback easy and efficient, strengthening brand relationships and driving up sales.


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